AML/CFT Handbook - Appendix I Update

5th November 2021
The Commission has today updated Appendix I of the Handbook as a result of the FATF's announcement that it has removed Botswana and Mauritius from its list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring. FATF has added Jordan, Mali and Turkey to the list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring and Appendix I of the Handbook has been updated to reflect these changes. Appendix I lists countries and...

Valsen Fiduciaries International

5th November 2021
The Commission is aware that regulated services are being offered by the above-named entity in Guernsey. The purpose of this notice is to advise that Valsen Fiduciaries International is not licensed, authorised or in any way regulated by the Commission for the conduct of any financial services business in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Limited

2nd November 2021
It has come to the attention of The Guernsey Financial Services Commission that references have been made via internet news sources and social media platforms to Limited being regulated by the Commission and/or Limited being regulated on behalf of the Commission by its Resident Agent. The purpose of this notice is to advise that both Limited and its holding...

Future-proofing Guernsey’s finance sector

1st November 2021
The new and amended regulatory laws, rules, codes and guidance relating to the Commission’s Revision of Laws project come into effect today and can be found on the Commission’s website here. The Commission undertook extensive public consultation and engagement on revising the Bailiwick’s supervisory and regulatory laws with the aim of maintaining a respected regulatory regime for financial...

The Financial Services Business (Enforcement Powers) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2020

1st November 2021
On 1 November 2021, The Financial Services Business (Enforcement Powers) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2020 (the new Enforcement Law) came into effect. Accordingly, the Commission has revised and updated certain key documents relating to the enforcement process: A new Explanatory Note regarding “the Investigation and Decision-Making Process in Relation to the use of Enforcement Powers”, which...

Consultation on Ancillary Vehicles

1st November 2021
Following feedback to the Commission’s Consultation Paper on Ancillary Vehicles, the Commission has conducted further data collection and analysis. This process is ongoing and the policy proposals remain under consideration. It should be noted, therefore, that upon commencement of the new and amended regulatory laws on 1 November 2021, the notification regime for Ancillary Vehicles and the...

Distribution of Annual Fee Invoices and Generic Email Addresses

29th October 2021
Following on from last year, the Commission will be distributing 2022 annual fee invoices using the generic email address that we hold on record for each licensee and registrant. If you wish to check which email address the Commission holds for your firm, please contact '[email protected]', quoting the entity name and GFSC reference number, which can be found on our website (Regulated Entities...

Sanctions Notice - Libya

26th October 2021
Please be advised that Osama Al Kuni Ibrahim has been designated under the Libya (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 (the UK regulations). The UK regulations are given effect within the Bailiwick under the Sanctions (Implementation of UK Regimes) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Brexit) Regulations, 2020. Osama Al Kuni Ibrahim is subject to an asset freeze and will appear on the consolidated list...

CREDIT & FINANCE: Survey and Breakfast Meetings

26th October 2021
The Commission has launched a survey on consumer credit and home finance for businesses involved in the sector. This follows the approval earlier in the year by the States of Guernsey for proposals from the Committee for Economic Development and Policy & Resources Committee for a new law that will require businesses which provide credit, lending or finance, or act as finance brokers to be licensed...

Consideration of crypto funds

19th October 2021
With respect to retail investors as Sir Jon (Deputy Governor of the Bank of England) highlighted in his speech of 13th October 2021, crypto technologies continue to evolve with some practical rather than speculative uses being found for some types of crypto technology. Sir Jon also noted the opaque nature of some of the new DeFi – Decentralised Finance and the risks embedded in such systems. Fund...