‘Green Isle’ Guernsey launches Natural Capital Fund regime

20th September 2022
The Guernsey Financial Services Commission is pleased to announce three significant developments in its policy framework for sustainable finance coming into effect today. First, the Commission is launching its Natural Capital Fund framework, a new offer in the growing Guernsey Sustainable Funds Regime marking the completion of a pledge made as part of COP26 to extend the Commission’s regulatory...

Sustainable Finance Week - Meet the Regulator

20th September 2022 Sustainable Finance Week
On Wednesday 21 September, as part of Guernsey’s Sustainable Finance Week, the Commission is hosting a ‘Meet the Regulator’ session. Come and meet our Authorisations team who can answer your questions about our sustainable finance approach or regulated business in Guernsey. To find out more and to book a meeting visit:

Consultation Paper on The Lending, Credit & Finance Rules, Guidance and Implementation

21st July 2022
The Commission has today published a Consultation Paper setting out the Commission’s Rules and approach for regulating the sectors covered by The Lending, Credit and Finance (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2022, and is seeking feedback on its proposed Rules and approach. The purpose of the new Law, which was passed by the States of Guernsey on 14 July 2022, is to protect customers in the Bailiwick...

Commission consults on Fees for 2023

20th July 2022
The Commission today launches a consultation paper on proposals for increasing the licence fees paid by firms. The consultation period will close on Wednesday 14 September. The consultation paper is available on the Commission’s Consultation Hub. The Commission is consulting on an overall increase in fees of 9%. Other specific proposals to change fees are outlined in the consultation paper and...

Enhanced Authorisations Approach to some Applications

3rd March 2022
This notice is to provide notification that, in light of the war in Ukraine, any application involving individuals, entities or investments connected with Russia is ineligible for consideration through any of the Commission’s fast-track application regimes. The Commission will expect any application to be accompanied by reputable legal advice confirming the individuals and entities involved have...

Update regarding cloned website

28th January 2022
On Wednesday 26 January, the Commission reported that it had become aware of a website that had been established cloning the Commission’s own website. Since becoming aware of the matter, the Commission submitted abuse notifications to the domain registrar and the hosting provider as well as reporting the URL as malicious to the appropriate authorities. The cloned website’s domain has been taken...

Risk Warning Regarding Cloned Website

26th January 2022
The Guernsey Financial Services Commission has become aware that a website has been established cloning the Commission’s own website (The GFSREA – Guernsey Financial Services and Regulatory Enforcement Authority – The Commission’s website domain is The Guernsey Financial Services and Regulatory Enforcement Authority’s website appears to closely resemble the Commission...

Commission increases Fees for 2022

12th November 2021
The Commission plans to increase licence fees paid by firms from 1 January 2022 by 7.6% with the agreement of the Policy & Resources Committee. On 16 July 2021, the Commission published a consultation paper on its 2022 fees containing four main proposals:- an overall fee increase of 10.1% for all sectors; a restructuring of fees for the investment sector; changes arising from the update to most of...

Future-proofing Guernsey’s finance sector

1st November 2021
The new and amended regulatory laws, rules, codes and guidance relating to the Commission’s Revision of Laws project come into effect today and can be found on the Commission’s website here. The Commission undertook extensive public consultation and engagement on revising the Bailiwick’s supervisory and regulatory laws with the aim of maintaining a respected regulatory regime for financial...