Complaints Against the Commission

Any person who is dissatisfied with the actions of the Commission, or its staff, may lodge a complaint. The complaint handling procedure set out below applies to actions of the Commission which have caused dissatisfaction but are not attributable to regulatory decisions. There is a separate appeals procedure for complaints attributable to regulatory decisions which is outlined to persons subject to adverse decisions by the Commission.

How to make a complaint

All complaints should be made in writing and should be accompanied by a copy of all relevant documentation and correspondence.
Complaints should be addressed to the Director General of the Commission.

How the complaint will be handled

All complaints will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt.
Complaints will be investigated by a senior member of the Commission’s staff, appointed by the Director General, who is independent of the matter complained about.
Complaints will be investigated as quickly as possible. If an investigation is not completed within a period of four weeks we will write to the complainant to advise on the progress of the investigation and provide a likely completion date. The Commission aims to complete all investigations within eight weeks of receipt.
The Commission reserves the right not to progress complaints which it considers to be vexatious.
After the investigation has been completed, the Director General, or an independent senior member of staff, will write to the complainant with the outcome of the investigation.
A complainant who is dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation may refer the matter in writing to the Chairman of the Commission, who will undertake a further review.
Complaints involving the Director General should be addressed to the Chairman, who will arrange an investigation into the matter and write to the complainant with the outcome of the investigation.