Buying Motor Insurance Direct

Top 5 tips

  1. When buying motor insurance only use an Authorised Motor Insurer.
  2. Make sure you will receive a Windscreen Insurance Disc.
  3. Make sure you display your Windscreen Insurance Disc on your motor vehicle.
  4. Whilst UK based comparison websites may provide a quote for your vehicle, check the insurer is able to meet Bailiwick requirements before purchasing.
  5. A list of authorised motor insurers can be found on the Commission’s website.

When you buy your motor insurance from an insurance broker in the Bailiwick the broker is only permitted to arrange your insurance with a firm that is authorised by the Commission to provide motor insurance.

Under Guernsey Law any insurer seeking to provide motor insurance to Bailiwick residents should obtain a specific authorisation from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. When this authorisation is obtained the insurer is known as an “authorised motor insurer”. Therefore, when buying motor insurance directly or online, i.e. not from a local insurance broker, you should ensure that the insurance is from, or underwritten by, an authorised motor insurer.

The Commission keeps a list of current authorised motor insurers.

Whether you purchase your motor insurance directly from an insurer, or via a local insurance broker, you should obtain a Windscreen Insurance Disc for display on your motor vehicle. This must be displayed in or on your vehicle.