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Regulatory returns

The guidance below is for information only. The Commission will provide copies of the return forms on request that are tailored to each bank's approach to Basel III. Those banks wanting to use any approach other than standardised approaches should write to the Commission for permission to use those approaches.
  • Subsidiary banks must complete either Module 1 or 2 (if applicable) plus Modules 3 to 9 and 11. Module 10 is optional. 
  • Branches will only complete Modules 6, 8 and 9.

LOC/2 Explanatory Notes

Form LOC/2 is to be completed quarterly by all banks:

LOC2 Explanatory Note 141.3KB -
Cross-check table BSL/2 to LOC/2 376KB

BSL/2 Guidance

Form BSL/2 is to be completed quarterly by all banks:

BSL2 General Guidance 112.4KB -
Module 1 Standardised Approach to Credit Risk Guidance 877.3KB
Module 2 Simplified Standardised Approach to Credit Risk Guidance 521.4KB
Module 3 Operational Risk Guidance 686.9KB
Module 4 Market Risk Guidance 204KB
Module 5 Settlement Risk Guidance 282.9KB
Module 6 Balance Sheet Guidance 712.3KB
Module 7 Individual Capital Guidance 190.7KB
Module 8 Prudential Information Guidance 542KB
Module 9 Maturity Analysis Guidance 373.8KB
Module 10 Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Guidance 161.9KB
Module 11 Leverage Ratio Guidance 251.9KB

Form LCR and Form LMR Guidance

Form LCR, or Form LMR where Commission approval has been received, is to be completed monthly by all subsidiary banks:

LCR Guidance 1.2MB -
LMR Guidance 1.2MB -
NSFR Guidance 757KB -