The basis on which fees are payable for registered prescribed businesses are contained in The Criminal Justice (Proceeds of Crime) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1999 ("the Law").  Paragraph 3(b) of Schedule 5 to the Law sets out the fee payable when a prescribed business submits a Registration form to the Commission ("the registration fee") and paragraph 3(2) sets out the annual fee payable.
In order to assist firms the Commission has prepared the following summary of fees in general terms payable by prescribed businesses in respect of the AML/CFT framework for such businesses.
Number of Staff Fee
1-5 £669
6 £771
7 £873
8 £975
9 £1,077
10 £1,179
11 £1,281
12 £1,383
13 £1,485
14 £1,587
15 £1,689
16 £1,791
17 £1,893
18 £1,995
19 £2,097
20 £2,199
21 £2,301
22 £2,403
23 £2,505
24 £2,607
25 or more £2,709

Number of staff 

The number of staff is the total number of full time (or full time equivalent) members of staff employed by or forming part of the firm and includes executive directors and partners.

Registration fee

A pro-rata registration fee is payable based on the registration fee calculated as shown above divided by 12 and multiplied by the number of calendar months (including the month in which the submission is made) between the submission of the firm's application for registration and the end of the calendar year inclusive.

Annual fee

An annual fee is not payable by a firm in or for the same calendar year in which it is registered. The annual fee will be calculated on the same basis as in the table above.


Reduction of fees

Any Registration fee or annual fee will be reduced in the following circumstances:

  1. ​by 50% where the business fulfils one of the conditions set out under a) and b) below:
  2. ​by 75% where the business fulfils both of the conditions set out under a) and b) below:

​a) the business holds or is deemed to hold a licence, consent, registration, permission or authorisation from the Commission under any of the regulatory Laws; ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

b) ​the business is a member of a group of companies where one or more other members of that group are also under an obligation to pay a fee to the Commission under Schedule 5 to the Law.