Petty Debts Court

A petty debt claim is one where the value of the claim is not more than £10,000, and can include, amongst other things, claims for debts, faulty goods, unsatisfactory workmanship or damage to your property. You do not need an Advocate to issue a petty debts claim, or to represent you in the Petty Debts Court.

You will remain responsible for all of the court costs, and only if you succeed in your claim, will you be able to recover your costs from the debtor. However, if the other party has no money to pay the amount of the claim you may not get your money, or be able to recoup the costs of your legal action including any associated court fees. You should therefore consider this before deciding whether to proceed with a petty debts claim.

Visit the Royal Court of Guernsey's website to find out more information about the Petty Debts Court, including eligibility criteria, as well as how to go about issuing a claim.

Royal Court of Guernsey

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