Global Financial Innovation Network

Global Financial Innovation Network

The Commission is a founding member of the Global Financial Innovation Network (“GFIN”), an international group of over 70 financial regulators and related organisations.

GFIN was created to provide a more efficient way for innovative firms to interact with regulators, and as a mean by which to help them navigate between countries as they look to scale and test new ideas. It also created a new means of co-operation between financial services regulators by which they could work on innovation-related topics, and share different experiences and approaches.

GFIN's website includes a range of information and reports including:

  • “GFIN – one year on: A reflection of GFIN’s achievements and challenges since inception, and its ambitions for the future;” and
  • “GFIN – Cross-Border Testing: Lessons Learned.”

We look forward to continuing our involvement in GFIN as membership continues to grow and new initiatives start to develop.