Two-factor authentication (‘2FA’)

22nd March 2023

Further to the announcement in our 2021 Annual Report advising of our intention to implement mandatory two-factor authentication (‘2FA’) on our Online Portals for all our regulated entities, we have been working on our background systems. On this basis by 31 May 2023, the Commission intends to switch 2FA on for all Portal Users who have not yet enabled this functionality.

2FA is an additional layer of security recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre to ensure only authenticated users gain access to an online account and is an effective way to protect against many security threats that target user passwords and accounts.

The Commission has published updates on the Online Portals with further information and requested that users set up 2FA on their accounts as soon as possible. Any user who has not amended their account security will have email 2FA enabled automatically by 31 May 2023. Please note that for 2FA to work successfully it is important that the email address attached to a User Profile is correct or the user will be blocked out of their account.

A dedicated Support Inbox has been set up for any queries : [email protected] and the Commission has created a 2FA User Guide.