Legislation & Guidance

This page provides links to relevant laws, regulations, instructions, rules, codes, guidance and other documents.  It should be noted that, whilst the Commission has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information shown on this website is accurate, the Commission does not accept any responsibility for errors made.  Where possible links have been provided to the relevant page of the Guernsey Legal Resources ("GLR") website reflecting up-to-date consolidated versions of laws and regulations.  Original versions can also be found on the GLR website.  Please note, the Commission cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites.

The following relevant legislation is posted and reproduced with the consent of the States of Guernsey.


Disclosure (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2007 (Consolidated text) 345.4KB


Criminal Justice (Proceeds of Crime) (Financial Services Businesses) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Regulations, 2007 (Consolidated as at 2013) 466.1KB
Terrorism and Crime (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Regulations 2007 (Consolidated text) 343.2KB
The Companies (Incorporated Cell Companies) (Prescribed Classes) Regulations, 2021 225.6KB -


Financial Services Businesses Instruction (Number 01) 57.9KB
Financial Services Businesses Instruction (Number 02) 47KB
Financial Services Businesses Instruction (Number 03) 55.7KB
Financial Services Businesses Instruction (Number 04) 55.9KB
Financial Services Businesses Instruction (Number 05) 17.2KB
Financial Services Businesses Instruction (Number 06) 50.2KB
Financial Services Businesses Instruction (Number 14) Business from Sensitive Sources - Iran 55.9KB
Instruction Number 01/2017 for Financial Services Businesses 367.3KB -
Instruction Number 02/2017 for Financial Services Businesses 269.1KB -
Instruction Number 03/2017 for Financial Services Businesses 268KB -
Instruction Number 04/2017 for Financial Services Businesses 271.7KB -
Instructions and Notices - Record of Changes 396.8KB -


Cyber Rules and Guidance, 2021 1.1MB -


AGB Code of Conduct for Deposit Advertisements August 2012 820.7KB
Code of Corporate Governance 337.2KB -
Guernsey Financial Services Commission Code of Practice for Banks 31.7KB
Principles for the Management of Credit Risk 13.3KB
Principles of Conduct of Finance Business 72.5KB


Cyber Rules and Guidance, 2021 1.1MB -
Guidance Note on Up Streaming and Transparency 99.9KB
Guidance Note on Verification of Prudential Returns 137.3KB -
Guidance on Liquidity Risk Management 534KB
Guidelines to Banks and their Auditors 753.9KB
Guidelines to banks and their auditors issued under s1 (b) (ii) of the Banking Supervision (Accounts) Rules, 1994 474.8KB
Large Exposure Policy 916.4KB
Legal Risk Guidance Note for Banks 94.6KB
Outsourcing Risk Guidance Note for Banks 212.6KB
Pillar 2 Add-on Guidance 470.6KB -
Pillar 2 Working Sheet 25.2KB -
Risk-based Supervision in Guernsey 376KB
Social Media Issues 31.4KB


Cyber Security Self-Assessment Helpsheet – November 2019 275.2KB -


2018 Fee Rate Proposal Consultation Paper 540.5KB -
Basel III Liquidity Consultation Feedback 517.4KB -
Basel III Liquidity Consultation Paper 2.1MB -
Consultation Paper 2017 Fee Proposals 393.5KB
Consultation Paper on the Codes and Guidance Documents proposed to be re-issued under Revision of Laws 539.1KB -
Consultation Paper on the Statutory Instruments to be re-issued 380.5KB -
Cyber Rules Consultation Paper Feedback 751.8KB -
GFSC - 2022 Fee Consultation Paper 373.5KB -
Spring Green Consultation Paper 636KB -
Using Technology for CDD 414KB