Bank Secrecy and Confidentiality: The Offshore Perspective – Orwell’s New World

15th September 1999
Peter Crook's speech to The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime - 15 September, 1999 "I have been asked to speak today about bank secrecy and confidentiality from the offshore perspective. Let me say at the outset that it is clear to me that any finance centre which wishes to enjoy long-term success will need to be able to exchange information and co-operate with other...

The Edwards Report – Review of Financial Regulation in the Crown Dependencies

9th November 1998
In January 1998 the United Kingdom Home Office announced a review of the laws, systems and practices in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man for :"regulating banking, insurance and financial services business and collaborating with overseas regulators;deterring, investigating and punishing financial crime, including money laundering and fiscal offences, particularly cases with an international...