Occasional Staff Paper

8th November 2022

Nick Royle, a Commission Analyst, in this paper, sets out some perspectives on how regulators - particularly those in larger jurisdictions - might help correct for market failings and encourage corporate entities and their financial backers to invest in ways likely to help the world deliver COP 26 climate change mitigation targets.  He wrote the paper in a private capacity as a submission for a regulatory essay competition but we are happy to use our website to make it available to a wider audience.  Whilst it provides a thoughtful account of how financial services regulators entrusted with a green mandate by their jurisdictions, might use the tools available to them to help create a more environmentally friendly private sector, his paper does not represent Commission or Bailiwick of Guernsey environmental policy.  It merely constitutes an interesting contribution as to how, over the course of the next three decades, key jurisdictions might collectively move from words to deeds with regard to effective climate change mitigation measures.

Cos Money Grows on Trees: The Integration of Climate-Related Risks into Risk-Based Supervision