Distribution of Annual Fee Invoices and Generic Email Addresses

29th October 2021

Following on from last year, the Commission will be distributing 2022 annual fee invoices using the generic email address that we hold on record for each licensee and registrant. If you wish to check which email address the Commission holds for your firm, please contact '[email protected]', quoting the entity name and GFSC reference number, which can be found on our website (Regulated Entities and Registered Entities).

If you wish to update your email address please note that the Commission will only accept one email per licensee or registrant, and that the email should preferably be to a generic email address, as opposed to a named individual.

The 2022 annual fee invoices will be distributed in December 2021 and a notification will be published on the Commission’s website when the invoices have been issued. For the avoidance of doubt the Commission no longer distributes annual fee invoices by paper copy.

Invoices emailed from the Commission will carry the GFSC logo, but will be distributed by Intuit, our invoicing service provider. These emails will contain an attached invoice and a link to a portal hosted by Intuit, giving further detail on the invoice to be paid and the payment status. One email will be sent out per invoice. Should you have any concerns about an email that you have received, you may contact the Commission at '[email protected]' to check its validity.