The Commission updates its website

8th March 2023

The Commission’s website has been updated and refreshed and today is re-launched with some new features designed to improve its functionality, user experience and accessibility. Recognising that the Commission’s website is a key tool which we use to relay messages and information to industry, these changes have been delivered as part of the Commission’s 2021-24 three-year business plan.

The search capability has been overhauled to introduce the option to display results by ‘most recent’ or by ‘most relevant’ as well as the ability to filter results by year or content type. The search algorithm behind the website has been adjusted to allow results to be returned that are more relevant. It now allows for the use of criteria such as keywords and popularity.

The user experience has also been enhanced. Changes includes the consolidation of the legislation and guidance pages into one area. These pages now have the option to filter results by sector and with specific search functionality, helping users to locate the information they need, quickly and efficiently.

Accessibility across the website is important and an assessment has been undertaken to review the Commission’s web content is in line with international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.