Introducer Certificate

4th May 2005
​The Fiduciary Sector Policy Forum (FSPF) and the Association of Guernsey Banks (AGB) have worked closely with the Commission to produce an introducer certificate, in order to develop a consistent approach to the provision of information in respect of the underlying principals of business introduced by fiduciaries in the Bailiwick to local banks.
The FSPF and AGB have now agreed the contents of the certificate, which they have circulated to their members. The two organisations have encouraged their membership to adopt the certificate as a standard for business introduced to banks by licensed fiduciaries.
The Commission endorses the use of this certificate and considers that it meets the minimum requirements identified in its Statement on Introduced Business issued in December 2003.
The Commission also approves the use of this certificate for the identification of the principals behind retrospective "higher risk" business introduced to banks by fiduciaries.