Articles from 1998-2010

Further International Backing for Guernsey

23rd June 2000
At its annual general meeting this month the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors approved an in-depth evaluation which endorses the Bailiwick's anti-money laundering systems. The evaluation reviewed Guernsey's compliance with the 40 Recommendations issued by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering and was carried out in 1999 by independent experts from France (law enforcement expert)...

International Backing for Guernsey

23rd June 2000
Guernsey has won the backing of the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for its impressive regulatory and criminal law framework and how the Bailiwick cooperates in practice against money laundering.The FATF was set up after the 1989 meeting of the Group of Seven Finance Ministers to look at the regulatory standards and practices employed in finance centres as part of the global...

Progress made on Edwards suggestions

12th December 1999
ONE YEAR on from the publication of Andrew Edwards' Review enhancements are being made to the regulation of the finance industry. Some of the Guernsey authorities' proposals have resulted from suggestions in Mr Edwards' report, while others were already under way prior to the review.Mr Edwards was commissioned by the UK Home Secretary to review with the Island authorities of Guernsey, Jersey and...

Report of the Advisory and Finance Committee on the Status of the Review of Regulation in the Crown Dependencies (the Edwards Review)

2nd December 1999
1. Executive SummaryThe Edwards Report, which was published in November 1998, was welcomed by the Guernsey Authorities as independent confirmation of the Island's high standard of financial services regulation and its commitment to combat crime of all types. It endorsed the strength of Guernsey in the areas reviewed and described the Bailiwick as being in the "top division of offshore finance...

The future role of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission

20th October 1999
​Elsewhere in this book the Commission's objective has been described as being to provide effective, professional supervision and modern regulation of the finance sector to the highest international standards within a diverse and innovative environment. The last two years have tested the Commission's ability to meet that objective. The future will be equally challenging. For example, the United...

Bank Secrecy and Confidentiality: The Offshore Perspective – Orwell’s New World

15th September 1999
Peter Crook's speech to The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime - 15 September, 1999 "I have been asked to speak today about bank secrecy and confidentiality from the offshore perspective. Let me say at the outset that it is clear to me that any finance centre which wishes to enjoy long-term success will need to be able to exchange information and co-operate with other...