AML/CFT Handbook Update

16th November 2022

Appendix H

The Commission has today updated Appendix H of the Handbook as a result of the FATF's announcement that it has added Myanmar to its list of jurisdictions subject to a call for action. Myanmar was previously on the FATF’s list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring.

Appendix H of the Handbook identifies those countries and territories which the FATF has listed as high risk. Firms must apply ECDD measures to business relationships or occasional transactions where the customer or beneficial owner(s) has a relevant connection with a country or territory listed in Appendix H.

Appendix I

Additionally, the Commission has updated Appendix I of the Handbook as the FATF added Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Tanzania to its list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring and has removed Nicaragua and Pakistan. Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Tanzania were already present on Appendix I, and Nicaragua and Pakistan remain on Appendix I, as they are listed by other relevant external sources.

Appendix I lists countries and territories that are identified by relevant external sources as presenting a higher risk of money laundering and/or financing of terrorism. Firms are encouraged to review the updated Appendix I in order to assess the impact that these changes may have on their business, including whether the amendments should be taken into account as a relevant risk factor when reviewing new and existing business relationships and within its transaction monitoring controls.

Chapter 4

The Commission has also amended guidance in Section 4.8 of the Handbook regarding liquidators registered with the Commission acting as the nominated firm responsible for investor CDD of suspended collective investment schemes authorised/registered with the Commission.

Updated and tracked versions of Appendices H and I can be found within the Notices, Instructions & Warnings page. An updated version of the Handbook can be found here.

The FATF page on High-Risk and Other Monitored Jurisdictions can be found here.