Ongoing Supervision & Thematic Reviews

Ongoing Supervision

Listed below are useful documents related to the Commission's insurance supervision.

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Documents and Forms - Ongoing Supervision

133 - PCC Solvency Summary - v.4.0 132KB -
133 - Regulatory Solvency Assessment - v.4.0 381.1KB -
Acceptable Level 4 Qualifications Table 138.8KB -
Actuary Declaration - New Insurance Product or Fund 16.3KB
Business Plan 77KB
CISI Presentation 25 June 2015 - GFAS - Qualified & Competent 521.3KB
Commission response to the second GFAS consultaton 782.5KB
Enforcement Consultation Paper - Discretionary Penalties 286.1KB
Feedback on the Consultation Paper on The Code of Conduct for Authorised Insurance Representatives 1.4MB -
Feedback to the Consultation on the Implentation of the Guernsey Financial Advice Standards 149KB
Implementation of Guernsey Financial Advice Standards 164.6KB
LCF Discussion Paper 903.4KB
Solvency II Position Statement 231.4KB
Standard Condition (Long Term Business) 11.4KB

Thematic Reviews

Listed below are the most current up to date Thematic Reviews published by the Commission.

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General Insurance - Are Customers Treated Fairly? 1.3MB -
Insurance Managers' Client Take-on Procedures 277.6KB -
Insurer Annual Returns 796.5KB -
Insurer Cash Management and Control of Funds 870.8KB -
Investment and Long-term Insurance Sales Practice 2014 51.3KB -
Investment and Long-term Insurance Sales Practice 2017 1.1MB -
Reinsurance and Other Forms of Risk Transfer 435.9KB -
Sales of General Insurance Add-on Products 198.6KB -