Information and Benefits for Prospective Employees


These values govern the work undertaken at the Commission:
  1. Integrity

  2. Professionalism

  3. Fairness and Transparency

  4. Responsibility

  5. Responsiveness

  6. Pragmatism

  7. Working together

  8. Developing

Learning, Training and Development

The Commission is highly supportive of the pursuit of relevant training and professional qualifications. We provide both financial and study leave support to encourage our employees to achieve recognition for their professional expertise.

We also undertake annual performance appraisals that identify, through the use of core competencies, the training needs of all staff. These training needs are then used to draw up training plans which can incorporate many forms of training and development; from internal or external courses, one-to-one coaching, conferences, project work, professional study, and divisional workshops, to secondments and management shadowing.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is also supported and encouraged, with employees attending courses, breakfast / lunchtime seminars, conferences, and technical updates, as well as reading widely to maintain their qualification level.

Professional Subscriptions

If deemed of relevance to an individual’s role, we will meet the cost of annual subscriptions to professional bodies.

Pension Schemes

The Commission is pleased to offer a choice of four pension scheme options to its staff, and the Commission contributes 12% of monthly salary as the employer’s share from day one of employment. The Commission also offers staff the choice of a Green Equity investment option which may appeal to staff who would prefer their investments to more closely align with their concerns about sustainability and environmental impact. More information on the Commission's pension options is available from the HR team upon request.

Group Life Insurance 

Employees are entitled to be a member of the Commission’s Group Life Scheme from the first day of employment. In the event of a staff member’s death before retirement, subject to a maximum age of 75, then three times salary is provided to the staff member's nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries subject to the Insurer’s medical underwriting procedures.

Private Health Insurance

Employees are entitled to become a member of the Permanent Health Insurance scheme “PHI”, subject to meeting criteria stipulated by the policy. If an Employee is absent from work due to illness for longer than six months, then the Commission is entitled, on their behalf, to claim against the PHI scheme.

The PHI cover would then normally provide 67% of base salary should illness prevent the employee from working on a permanent basis, or in the event of a disability preventing them returning to work until their compulsory retirement age.

Dental Insurance 

From the first day of your employment, you and your immediate family are entitled to participate in an insurance scheme for private dental treatment. The cost of the scheme will be deducted from your monthly salary. (Inclusion is subject to acceptance by the Insurers.)

Private Medical Insurance

Employees and their immediate family are eligible to join the AXA Global medical insurance scheme on their first day of employment. This is provided to you free of cost.

Amongst other benefits, this covers doctor/specialist fees, emergency ambulance, A&E, and hospital bed costs. (Inclusion is subject to acceptance by the Insurers.)

Employee Wellbeing 

From the first day of your employment, you and your immediate family are entitled to access the employee wellbeing service free of charge. The Employee Wellbeing programme offers a confidential helpline, staffed by professionals who can help you deal with any personal problems that you may be experiencing.

Annual Leave 

Grade Annual Leave Entitlement
Director General/Director 30 days
Deputy Director 28 days
Assistant Director 27 days
Senior Analyst 26 days
Analyst/Secretary 25 days
Graduate Analyst 25 days

9 Day Fortnight Scheme

The Commission offers all permanent staff a 9 Day Fortnight Scheme whereby staff are given the opportunity to work 9 days a fortnight instead of 10 days, provided that they have worked their contractual hours for the 10 days by the end of the 9th day. The 10th day always falls on a Friday.

The scheme is voluntary and is available to staff on any grade, but staff cannot use the Flexitime System and 9 Day Fortnight Scheme at the same time.

Flexitime System

The Flexitime System is available for employees up to and including Senior Analyst grade.

You may arrange your hours of work flexibly, not only within the working day, but also within and between periods of 13 weeks, subject to certain conditions.

In addition, you may accumulate additional time worked to take as Flexitime leave. This is allowed up to a maximum of 2 days per quarter (8 days per annum).

Individual participation is entirely voluntary, but is subject to the approval of your Director / Deputy Director. 

Flexible Working

Flexible working opportunities are available, please speak to a member of the HR team for more details.