Revised Approvals Process For Licensees Undertaking Administration and/or Management Of Non-Guernsey Schemes

21st December 2012

​The Commission has considered the feedback received from its consultation on the approvals process for licensees undertaking administration and/or management of non-Guernsey schemes. 

Respondents agreed with the two-day fast-track approach, and the abolition of the Qualifying Investor Fund regime in respect of approvals for the administration and/or management of non-Guernsey schemes.  However respondents wished to see the "traditional" approval approach continue.

The Commission has therefore decided to retain the "traditional" approach but to introduce a Form NGS (2013) to accompany any application under this option.  The Form presented for consultation, that is, the two-day fast-track approach, has been renamed Form NGSF (2013).   Further details may be found in the non-Guernsey schemes Guidance Note.

 Further details on the feedback from the consultation may be found here.