Explanatory Notes

These Explanatory Notes describe some of the Commission's powers and its existing approach towards the use of them.  The Commission has not developed notes in relation to all of its powers, but has instead focused upon those sanction powers about which it is most frequently asked questions.

The Notes reiterate the concepts documented in the Commission’s Enforcement Policy posted on its website.  The Notes are not intended to change the way in which the Commission undertakes enforcement.

These Notes are intended to give a summary and general overview of the matters set out in them and are provided for general guidance only. They are not intended to be comprehensive summaries of the Law and do not constitute legal or professional advice.  You should consult your adviser before taking any action or refraining from taking any action in relation to the matters set out in these Notes.

Appointment of Administrator and Administration Manager 67.4KB -
Directions to a Licensee 84.6KB -
Directions to Advertisers 88.4KB -
Disapplication of the Directorship Exemption 63.6KB -
Discretionary Financial Penalties 704.9KB -
Disqualification of Actuaries 61.9KB -
Disqualification of Auditors 116.1KB -
Disqualification Orders 3.7MB -
Imposition of Licence Conditions 91.8KB -
Licence Cancellation, Revocation or Suspension 3.4MB -
Licence Revocation 2.9MB -
Private Reprimands 2.5MB -
Prohibition Orders 86.8KB -
Public Statements 810.3KB -
Winding Up of a Business 3.4MB -