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DIVISION Banking; Insurance; Investment; Fiduciary; AML/CFT ARTICLE TYPE News
FIRST PUBLISHED 02/09/2002 LAST UPDATED 06/09/2010
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​On 18 March 2002, the Zimbabwe (Export of Goods & Freezing of Funds) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2002, came into force. The equivalent Ordinances came into effect in Sark and Alderney on 3 April and 17 April 2002, respectively.
The effect of the Ordinances is to impose restrictive measures, in particular the freezing of funds, financial assets and economic resources, belonging to those members of the Government of Zimbabwe and natural or legal persons associated with them whose names are contained in EC Regulation No. 310/2002 of 18 February 2002. They also bring about a ban on the provision of certain equipment and technical assistance relating to military activities.
The list of those persons to whom these Ordinances apply was extended as a result of an amendment to the above EC Regulation which became effective on 24 July 2002. This list was extended further with effect from 13 September 2002. The updated list and associated documents can be found here.
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